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  • Dancing solo

    April 12, 2020 by

    Spring showed up without us. It quickly found its way. I mean, look at all the flowers. Don’t they usually bloom in May? Well, at least that’s what the song says

  • Welcome to My New Blog

    June 29, 2019 by

    Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

  • Collectively we slay

    April 23, 2020 by

    Inspired by the CDC’s COVID-19 guidance Social isolation, feelings of depravation. Sitting all alone, is this my new norm? Don’t want to catch the fever. So, I’ll see you when I see you. Uplift, uptick, stay away until it’s gone. Take a page from history. This ain’t where you wanna be. Crazy as it seems,… Read more

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